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Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology

I was introduced to "real" astrology in 1990 by way of a natal reading from a random meeting. I was fascinated by the notion that some understanding of myself and my place in the cosmos could be found in in this little pie graph with strange symbols in it. I was always reading anything that had to do with astrology because I felt like I couldn't understand the challenges in my own life and there were plenty, as there are for everyone.


Astrology gave me a view from a higher perspective that helped me make more sense of my experiences and make better choices. I was certified as a yoga teacher in 2004 in Puerto Rico and have been teaching that all over the place since then. 

Astrology has inspired and healed me in so many ways...too many to list here, though I could go on and on.

I started studying at Nightlight Astrology School in early 2011. I was in a pretty serious motorcycle accident in Summer 2012. I finished two years of Nightlight in 2013. It was yoga, meditation and astrology study that got me through that time, when I wasn't sure if my knee would return to its full strength and flexibility...and if I'd ever be able to teach yoga again.


I speak Spanish well. I traverse difficulty well, so I'm able to help others do the same.  I am a dancer, a rave and club dj, an adventurer.  I went to a lot of rave parties (when they were still underground) back in the day. They were so fun and free of boundaries. The main forces that drive me are freedom, harmony, flow and sovereignty. I have traveled a lot (Europe, Central America and Indonesia) and lived outside of the continental U.S. for 8 years, which was wonderful.  I will travel forever.


I am also a serious student of breathwork, energy, healing and mysticism.  I'll always be a student and share what I learn.

I have felt total desolation/alone-ness and the oneness of it all running through my heart at different stages in my life.

I am a self-made auto-didact.

I believe what I have to impart to people is unique because of this...and the rest of the stuff listed above.

I approach astrology from a psychological counseling point of view, weaving all of my travels, teaching, learning, mysticism, connection to the planets and stars and wisdom from experience into my readings.

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